1928 Villa Tina - a holiday house for the beau monde...


Villa Tina is a place that has a special charm all of her own, made of intangible atmospheres and of the evocative power of memories of days gone by, of events and figures which have left their sign.

Between 1800 and 1900, many residences were built as holiday houses in Viareggio. One of the most splendid examples due to its decoration's richness and for the quality of the materials is Villa Tina, which is today a National Monument. It was commissioned in 1927 by Cavalier Manetti, and planned by the florentine architect Mario Padovani to be a house for vacation purposes - for the family to enjoy and to invite friends from the beau monde.

Decorations and stuccos inside the building reflect neoclassical and renaissance styles.

Carlo Spicciani's furniture reflects a revival of the eighteenth-nineteenth century style; to this day Villa Tina has all its original furniture.

Every room invites its guests to abbandon oneself the memories of the past. The luxurious hall announces the prestigious and monumental semicircular staircase in white marble, with a splendid banister in wrough iron. The main dining rooms is decorated in wood, with gracious windows, and elegantly adorned by smaller living rooms and halls. The floor is a splendid mosaic; stuccos adorn the ceiling and the painted panels. The furniture and the stained windows are valuable and original; the chandeliers are made from Murano glass, from Venice.

In the corner of the smaller sitting room there is a real piece of art work: a stained window - an authentic and precious example of the Liberty style. In 1963 the villa was made into a hotel and a second floor was added.

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